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Take Control Of Your Phobia & Leave It Behind You For Good.

We're all afraid of something. For some it can be just a minor fear which doesn’t overly intrude on their life and they can easily pep talk themselves out of it. However, for others their phobias can become so overwhelming that even the thought of coming face to face with it is enough to bring on an all-encompassing panic attack.

A phobia is something that you intellectually know poses very little or moderate risk. However, it causes you to react as if a serious threat to you is imminent. Take spiders for example. Here in the UK there is a 1 in 28,794,122 chance of being killed by a spider each year (according to figures in 2002). To put that into perspective, the current population is around 64,000,000 so your chance of being killed by a spider is negligible. Perhaps your phobia is of flying, which statistics show is one of the safest forms of transport. That said, if you do have a phobia, no matter what information I give you, that fear will seem real to you.

The first thing you should know is that having a phobia is NOT a sign of weakness! It is simply something that your brain has, for one reason or another, learnt to be afraid of. This often takes place as a child and on an unconscious level, so there's every chance that you don't even remember a time when you didn't feel that way. Often it's passed on from seeing parents or friends react to something with such intensity that you just assume you should be frightened too.

There is a part of your subconscious brain that is constantly looking out for threats or danger; this part is called the Amygdala. When it spots the perceived danger, it communicates with the Hippocampus to see how to react to it based on previous experience. So imagine the first time you see your mum coming across a spider and she freaks out, screams and freezes before slowly backing out the room, never to return to it until somebody has checked every nook and cranny to make sure the spider has gone. She survives the experience (which in fairness she was always going to), but now you have learnt that spiders are something to be afraid of and that behaving like that will save you from it. You will then be encouraged to behave the same way next time you come into contact with the spider.

The good news is that just as a fear of something can be easily learnt, it can be just as easily unlearnt, no matter how long you have felt that way.

Here is what Caz had to say about her phobias of spiders.

And here's what Andrew, one of my previous clients, had to say about his phobia of flying;

I'd like to help you to live your life without any worry of being confronted by your fear. In just 3 weeks, you could be permanently over your phobia.

Get in touch now for a FREE consultation, where you will receive a complementary hypnosis recording.

With my phobia package, you could be released from your fear for just £170!

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