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My hypnotherapy packages offer even better value than booking your sessions on an individual basis.



When you book 5 sessions, I will give you one session free (a saving of £50). That means that you get 6 sessions for £250, plus the free consultation at the start of your sessions.


Not only does this save you money, but it ensures a level of commitment on your part to persevering towards changing your life to the way that you want it to be (and this can be a really powerful motivator to your unconscious mind) . 






Hypnotherapy has long been known for its benefits in helping people to become non-smokers.  


What would be the biggest benefit to you if you gave up smoking? How good would you feel if you were able to finally break free from this habit that you know is no good for you?


I can help you to become a non-smoker in just one session (lasting up to 2 hours).  So for just £85, you could be free from your smoking habit for good (that's about the cost of smoking a packet of cigarettes for 9 days).


So, to get back your healthy, happy life, free from smoking, call now to book a session.


Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to rid you of your phobia forever.


It is perfectly safe and doesn't involve you physically confronting the specific fear you have (as required with some other therapies). Through hypnosis, we will simply reprogramme your brain to think more rationally about the thing that causes you fear.


This process takes 3 sessions and is effective no matter how long you have held the phobia for. This whole package currently costs just £125 (a saving of £25 on booking individual sessions).


So, are you ready to release yourself from the clutches of your phobia? Call now to book your sessions.

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