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When looking to start therapy, it is important that you feel confident and happy with the person you choose to work with. To help you with this process I offer a FREE consultation before booking, to get an overview of your requirements, give you an understanding of how the brain works to create stress and/or anxiety and most importantly, how we can get it to work for you. There is no obligation to book a session at the end of it, I genuinely care about you having every success in achieving your goals and overcoming those obstacles holding you back and if you do not feel that I am absolutely the best fit for you then I will fully respect that.

Here are my prices for individual sessions and packages:

Although every individual makes change at their own pace, Solution Focused Therapy tends to work fairly quickly, with most people seeing a change after just 1 or 2 sessions and I would, on average, expect to see someone for approximately 6-10 sessions. The educational part of the process, where I help you understand how the brain works in relation to your specific concern(s) means that once you have finished working with me, you have the knowledge to self manage your mind more effectively in the future.  


Areas that we can help with include:

Symptoms of, or behaviours that affect stress and anxiety.

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