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My approach to therapy really does work, but don't just take my word for it. Some of my previous clients have been kind enough to share their stories of how their lives have improved since working with me.


























































Miss PM, Seaford.

I received therapy from Brian to help me overcome anxiety & low confidence. The sessions were wonderfully relaxing & I left each one feeling positive & energised. I also learned how to be more in charge of my own responses to events & to have more confidence in my own abilities. I'm now much calmer, happier & more positive about life. I highly recommend this therapy.


Mr. W, West Sussex.

"I approached Brian to help me tackle my social confidence issues. From the first session, I could feel the benefit of Brian’s teachings. He showed me techniques to combat social anxiety, and the hypnotherapy was especially helpful! Brian listened to me and dealt with my queries and comments confidentially. I have really felt my confidence grow from when I first approached Brian and I am very thankful for his sessions. He has really helped me to help myself."


Miss S, Seaford.

"I found the therapy sessions absolutely amazing with such positive results for my self-confidence, self-belief, and self-worth in order to create what I really want in every area of my future life. I definitely recommend booking therapy sessions sooner rather than later. Thank you Brian!!"


Andrew C, Worthing

For years, even the idea of catching a flight to a destination made me shiver. I would always look for alternative routes (usually involving boats, coaches and hours of my life I will never see again!). The only way to get through it was with valium from the doctor - not ideal, as people tend to give you funny looks when you act strangely at airport security, and it can take a while to wear off, eating into your mini break like nobody's business!


With help from Brian, in just a few sessions, I now love flying and consider it part of the holiday. My wife and friends find me much better company on the way to the airport and in the now worry-free weeks leading up to each trip.


Honestly. being able to enjoy flying has really changed my life.


Sophie T, Leicestershire (via Skype)

Brian really helped me. I was in a really bad place at the start of this year, feeling really depressed and my confidence was shot. Brian helped me become myself again. Subconsciously I could see parts of myself, and my personality shine through with the effort both he and I were putting in. I couldn't be happier now that I have my confidence back! 
I would and have recommended this to other people, especially those seeking help.


Mr. H, Lewes.

"After working for the same company for 15 years, I was out of touch when it came to interviews. Brian gave me the confidence and tools I needed to shine in the interview, communicate my skills and prove that I was ready to move from middle management to running my own store."


Mr D, Newhaven

Before I went to see Brian, my phobia of spiders stopped me from doing a massive number of activities at home and especially at work. Being an electrician and doing a lot of work in loft spaces it was almost impossible. After going to see Brian I was cured!
I went from not even being able to look at a spider to easily being able to pick them up with my hands which have enabled me to do so many things without any fear of coming across one.


Mrs. O, Portslade.

My husband and I both had hypnotherapy and coaching to quit smoking. After one hour my husband couldn't smoke another cigarette and by the end of our session, we had both quit smoking.

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