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1/3 Off Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy.

Today is the 1st of October and there is a national campaign called Stoptober to help people quit smoking if they wish to do so. In support of this initiative,

It might surprise you that only 16% of adults smoke in the UK (down from around 50% 40 years ago). But maybe what's more surprising is that when people come to see me in my clinic for help kicking the habit, they often say that one of the reasons that they smoke is that it relaxes them or keeps them calm. Studies have shown that despite what many smokers think, people who smoke regularly are 80% more likely to suffer from severe anxiety or depression in mid to later life than those that don't smoke. This is because smoking affects the production of our happiness hormones and so the body accepts the chemicals in cigarettes as a substitution on the basis that something is better than nothing...but it's far from a like for like substitution.

If you are quitting this month, you can boost your production of the happiness hormones by having positive interactions with friends and family, doing positive actions and focusing on what you want to achieve and by having positive thoughts and focusing and reflecting on what's good in your life.

In just one two hour session, I could help you to kick the habit and best of all it costs less than two weeks of buying 20 a day (£180).

Hypnotherapy is a safe and positive way to quit smoking as Adam from Eastbourne explains from his experience.

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