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Quit Smoking - What's Stopping You?

The reasons that an individual wants to stop smoking vary from person to person but in my experience it is often because something significant in their life is suddenly driving that need. For example, my wife was a smoker for 10 years, and would not be put off by anything anyone said. She would often use phrases such as 'I enjoy smoking' or 'it helps me relax and de-stress.' At the at the age of 30 she began to become out of breath just walking up the stairs (even thought she wasn't over weight), would have pains in her legs almost as soon as she lit up and often complained of having a watery feeling in her throat. She suddenly became fearful of what that would mean long term for her health - if this was how she felt at only 30 years of age - would she even be around in 10 years time when she would most likely have children and want more than ever to live a healthy and happy life? It sounds a bit extreme (my wife is a Drama teacher so she can be a little on the dramatic side) but those symptoms at such an early age were the driving force to make her quit.

Another common driving force to quit is linked to the arrival of children - sometimes it is because a you want to be seen as a good role model or you don't want your children to take up the habit when they grow up (studies vary but do consistently suggest that children with parents who smoke are between 25% and 50% more likely to smoke themselves).

I recently worked with a new Grandmother who had smoked for 35 years and was diagnosed with early stage COPD. She became acutely aware that if she didn't take action then she would potentially miss out on seeing them grow up or would not be able to keep up with them as energetically as she always imagined she would. Another client comes to mind who's driving force was financial and the freedom that quitting could bring him but he had an unhelpful belief that he could not carry out his day to day routines, that first cup of tea in the morning, driving to work, going down the pub without smoking as that was all he had ever known since his teenage years.

Whatever your driving force, I am here to take you on that journey to becoming smoke free and healthy with non addictive, nicotine free strategies to combat your triggers and any withdrawal symptoms.

Here's what one client said about my quit smoking hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy and the techniques that I use create a lasting change in a very short amount of time, so why not get in touch and we can talk about how I can help you to quit smoking for £180 - around the cost around the amount of 2 weeks of buying cigarettes.

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