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Why Your Diets Never Gave You Lasting Results.

How many different diets have you tried? How many have created genuine lasting results for you? The problem with many diets is they promise fast results as long as you have the will power to stick to them with the weight quickly returning when you fall off the wagon. They don't actually deal with what is causing you to over eat or make bad choices with your food in the first place so as soon as you finish them, it becomes easy for you to slip back into your old habits of over eating and making unhealthy choices.

If you ask yourself honestly, you probably know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods that will either promote or hinder weight loss. So why is it that you struggle to make the right choices in your diet?

Over the years it is likely you have developed (probably without even realising it) a 'positive' association with unhealthy food. As kids we were told that if we were good, we could have (insert your unhealthy foods of choice) as a treat. It's perfectly natural then that you associate that food with feeling good. After all, who doesn't want a treat?

Now, a treat every so often may be fine, but why is it so hard to have just one and to only have it occasionally? Well, put simply, there are 2 conflicting parts of your brain; the intellectual brain (which is rational, logical and creative) and the primitive emotional brain (which will attempt to ensure your survival at all costs). The first part will be happy for you to eat one biscuit and leave it there, however the primitive part still thinks as if you live in a pre-historic era where food is sparse and might not be available for weeks or months. This primitive part encourages you to eat whatever is in front of you whilst you still can. It is strong and very persuasive, after all, in a situation of life or death, you would want it to be able fight your corner wouldn’t you? The problem is, that once your primitive part has its fill of food, it then allows your rational part to start thinking again, leaving you feeling guilty and asking yourself, why did I over eat AGAIN!?

The good news is that the brain is flexible and just as it has learnt to think one way, it can quite quickly be rewired to think differently.

Using a mixture of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP & Coaching, I can help you to create long term changes in your relationship with food and allow you to move positively forward towards your ideal weight.

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