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Looking For Happiness

If you are anything like me, you will often see people taking part in the latest social media fads. Recently we have had milking (which is people pouring a litre of milk over their head) and the Ice Bucket Challenge (pouring ice water over your head). Love them or hate them, it's unlikely they are going to have a significant impact on your life for the better.

Recently however, something has kept popping up in my news feed that has really caught my eye. It's called 100 happy days.

Basically, for 100 days you take a photo each day of something that makes you happy and share it with your social media friends. Seems simple enough right? Well it is.

If you think about it, whatever you focus on, you notice all the time, right? Remember when you bought a car and suddenly you noticed that model everywhere that you went? Well it's the same with what you notice emotionally. If each day you search for one thing that is great in your life, before you know it you will find heaps more reasons to be happy. This obviously works the other way around too. If you feel that things aren't great in your life, you will find reasons to validate this - but why would you want to focus on that?

I urge you to give this a go; you'll be amazed at how many great things you will come to appreciate and realise you have in your life.

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