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The Importance Of Gratitude

A new study has revealed that gratitude literally rewires the brain the brain to be happier.

The study by UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Centre over in the States has shown that when we consistently express gratitude, we can literally change the molecular structure of the brain in a way that makes us happier and healthier.

It was a 10 week study where the participants each kept a journal with one group focusing on what they were grateful for, one group focusing on what annoyed them and one group journaling about the neutral events of the day. Unsurprisingly the group that practiced gratitude were much happier than those that didn’t, in fact they were 25% happier than the others!

This doesn’t surprise me as it’s something that I get all my hypnotherapy clients to do and it has substantial benefits for them. When we focus on what’s good in our lives it releases Serotonin – the happiness hormone which in turn makes us more able to cope with the challenges in in our lives. That can also allow you to have better sleep, make you feel calmer and more confident and make you feel more motivated.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you, get in touch to book a free no-obligation consultation.

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