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World Suicide Prevention Day

I want to talk about something on today’s happiness project that is really important on World Suicide Prevention Day - men’s mental health because it’s something that is all too often overlooked due to men “keeping a stiff upper lip” and not talking about it. I saw a shocking statistic this week that I thought needs sharing;

84 men a week take their own life each week in the UK – to put that into perspective, that’s twelve per day or one every 2 hours. It’s getting better and guys are talking but next time you suspect that one of your friends are struggling, let them know that you are genuinely there for them if they need you and that you are around to chat if they want to talk about it.

Just having someone talk to can make all the difference. You don’t need to be an expert to help, just listening and offering hope to somebody can be enough.

If you are having suicidal thoughts there is help out there. Speak to your GP, a therapist or even a confidential advice line like CALM ( or The Samaritans ( but please don't feel that you need to suffer in silence.

You can also listen to this blog on the below link.

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