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Think you don't have time to's why you should think again!

I want to focus on a quote that I saw on Facebook which says "You should meditate for 20 minutes a day unless you’re too busy; then you should meditate for an hour."

Now the quote has a touch of humor it, but it’s also backed up by science as it’s been proven using MRI scans that when we are doing nothing, resting or daydreaming (or in a hypnotherapy trance for that matter), the mind actually get to work on coming up with solutions to problems or challenges, brain activity actually increases when we enter this state though we may not be conscious of it. To put it simply, have you ever forgotten where you left your keys or forgotten someone's name and you just can’t remember it no matter how hard you try and then later when you are doing a menial task, the answer just pops into your head? Well, that’s the default network working it’s magic and coming up with a solution to your problem. In my sessions, I get my customers to focus on a goal that they would like to achieve before they go into trance so that their mind is working on the solutions to make the goal a reality whilst they are in hypnosis.

So if you think that you don't have time to relax because you have too many things to do, you are actually robbing yourself of some of your best resources for creativity and productivity and by taking the time to relax you can not only actually be incredibly productive but it can also be really beneficial for our mental health too.

About The Author:

Brian is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist who mostly works with people in Seaford, Eastbourne, Newhaven and Peacehaven. He is also the senior lecturer at CPHT Brighton Hypnotherapy Training which offers the gold standard in hypnotherapy training.

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