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Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) - A to Z of Hypnotherapy

Health Anxiety, or Hypochondria as it was previously called, is a condition where you find yourself worrying, obsessing and often being categorically convinced that you have an illness, often discarding the advice of doctors and medical tests.

Now the brain can’t tell the difference between what we imagine and what is reality, so if we truly believe that something is wrong with us or that we have an illness, we can start to feel symptoms to go along with our beliefs or overvalue the importance of minor conditions as evidence of something bigger.

I’m pleased that they’ve changed the name from Hypochondria to Health or Illness anxiety as I think that in the past, it’s been treated unfairly with people not recognising it for the mental condition that it is and thinking that the sufferer is perhaps just an attention seeker, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Ask anyone who has the condition, they take no pleasure in the constant feelings that something is wrong with them.

Now it is of course natural to worry if you notice that something doesn’t feel right, but with health anxiety, that worry, and fear continues long after being checked out and being given the all clear.

This condition is worsened when our stress levels go up, so taking time to do the things that help you to relax, will help reduce anxiety levels. Hypnotherapy also helps to achieve this, and in a trance state, allows you to reconsider your misguided beliefs and create new more empowering ones. Get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation in which I will explain how health anxiety is created in the mind and how hypnotherapy can help in more detail.

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