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What Are You Giving Up?

Whether you are doing it because it forms part of your religious beliefs or because it's another opportunity to have another go at giving up that thing that you'd really rather be with out - Lent is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to give it up for good.

For many people it may be smoking, some may want to give up chocolate and others would like to lose a life long bad habit such as biting their nails.

Many people don't succeed because they don't have a good enough reason to persevere.

Think about what it is that you'd like to give up now, imagine yourself in the future with it no longer being part of your life.

Notice how things look different - how have you changed for the better?

Now think about what people are saying to you or what you are saying to yourself. My guess is that you'll like what you hear.

And finally how do you feel, knowing that you have succeeded? You've beaten that thing that used to hold you back and now you are unstoppable.

Now this is just scratching the surface, but I imagine that you already have a clearer picture of how good life can be once you've given it up and you probably feel like you really want to give it up for good.

An Inner Inspiration coach will help you see it through to the end, let go of the negative voices that might hold you back and come out the other side feeling great about reaching your goal.

Get in touch now to book your session.

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