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Motivation - The A to Z of Hypnotherapy

One of the things that my customers often want help with is their motivation, they know that they would like to do something like exercise more, change career or achieve more in life, but they just can’t bring themselves to commit to it and follow through.

This can often be because although they rationally know it would be a positive thing for them to do, the irrational mind plays it out from the worst case scenario and decides that it’s “Too much effort” or “You’re not fit enough/good enough” instead of focusing on how good you will feel once you have achieved your goal.

One simple exercise you can do is called re-framing, when you find yourself negatively forecasting doing the thing that you want to be motivated with, try changing the mental picture that you are focusing on and make it truly irresistible. To go back to the exercise example, it might be that you are running, listening to your favorite music along the beach, feeling energised and feeling great about it. You see, your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality, so it feels like you have already achieved your goal and when you come to actually doing it, it feels much easier because it has a reference to draw upon that suggests that it’s not only possible, but actually an amazing experience.

Hypnotherapy can help you to ignite your motivation again, to find out more get in touch to find out more.

Call 07557 157084, email or message me through the chat box.

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