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Jealousy - A to Z of Hypnotherapy

When we talk about jealousy, we’re not talking about the type that causes us to feel a bit envious of our neighbour who drives a better car than you, we are talking about the type that causes obsessive ruminations about someone, perhaps your partner, where you play out various scenarios and all the things that they might be doing.

Jealousy lives in the part of the mind that I refer to as the primitive brain (aka the monkey mind or to give it it’s scientific name, the Limbic System). This part is our survival brain and so it makes us play out the worst case scenario so that we can prepare for it which is great if something genuinely is a threat to us like if we were in the jungle surrounded by wild beasts, but it can hijack our rational mind in situations that are generally considered to be safe. It can also think that by obsessing about that person’s actions, it is protecting us from getting hurt as it stops us from fully committing to a relationship or it thinks that it’s keeping us one step ahead, particularly if we’ve been treated badly by a partner in the past.

Hypnotherapy offers you the chance to re-evaluate those misguided jealous thoughts, getting to the root of the cause and allowing you to make a proper assessment of your situation and ultimately regain control of your thoughts. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you on 07557 157084 or

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